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Battlefieldo Desktop Widget 1.0

Battlefieldo Desktop Widget is a utility for Battlefield players (See all)

Battlefieldo Desktop Widget is a utility for Battlefield players.
It offers a quick way to connect to the most important information sources for people that play this game.

The "Launch Battlelog" button will open in your browser the page for Battlelog, a free service that will let you see your Battlefield personal profile, join a platoon, chat or check out your friends´ performance. You can also plan your campaigns, analyze your enemies and show your victories.

The "Battlefield 3 BattleBlog" button will show you Battlefield´s official news titles. By clicking on an article title, your browser will show it on the screen.

The "Dev Feeds" button will offer you a list of feeds created by developers of this game. "Visit the Forums" will lead you to the Battlefieldo Community forums. "Battlefieldo" will show you the titles of the Community´s Live Feed. Clicking on an entry, you can read them in your browser.

At the bottom of the program´s window, you will have links to Battlefieldo´s Twitter, Facebook and YouTube´s channels.

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  • It is free
  • It links to most of the online resources for the Battlefield players


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